About Us

Hard Boiled Industries was founded by veterans of the game and print industries to create mobile apps that are "well done". To us that means the app is entertaining and fun to use, original, artistic, intuitive, and potentially transformative. It's a tall order, but inspires us to do what we love.

HBI is located in the sunny Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco.

The Founders

Barbara and Stephen have lived and worked together in San Francisco since 1992. Hard Boiled Industries combines their many years of complementary experience in game design, production, interactive media, print, film making, and animation to create innovative applications for tablet and mobile platforms.
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Stephen B. Lewis, CEO and Creative Director

With many years in the game industry as a designer, art director, animator, and technical artist, Stephen brings a wealth of experience to any interactive project.
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Barbara Pollak, Co-Founder and Design Director

Barbara is a published children's book author and illustrator, whose work can be found in many books, magazines, and games. Her broad experience bridges the divide between traditional and new media.

The Team

Hard Boiled Industries is comprised of creative professionals dedicated to creating quality mobile experiences.