Released Projects

Hard Boiled Industries' completed projects, live and available for download!
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The Bad Girl's Journal

Now available for iPad, iPhone, and iPodTouch!
Available for the Barnes & Noble Nook Color, Tablet, Tablet HD and Tablet HD+.
A HIT on the Amazon Kindle Fire!

***Featured as a Top Pick, What's Hot, New and Notable, #1 in Best Selling Productivity apps and in the top 100 Overall Sales Rank on Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble App Stores.

We've partnered with bestselling author Cameron Tuttle to bring her Bad Girl's Guides book series to life on tablet and mobile platforms. Co-developed with Bad Girl Swirl, this journal's got it going on! It's super cute, tons of fun, and high-functioning--just like you.

* Choose a bold, inspiring Bad Girl alias as your password.
* Organize your entries by topic (amazing idea, naughty note, shopping list, brain fart...)
* Capture the mood of each entry (yay me!, foxy me!, love crazy, crampy...)
* Choose from three deliciously different journal styles--Swirl, Bling, or Leather!
* Customize your text style, size, and color in every entry.
* Search your entries for key words or phrases.
* Add photos from your library to any entry.
* Email your entries (with photos) to the world.
* Need instant privacy or the illusion of innocence? Just hit the Panic! button.
* Want to destroy the evidence or have a healing ceremony? Watch an entry go up in flames!

But that's not all! You also get three adorably addictive mini games, including...

* Ask a Bad Girl! (Need some entertaining advice? Just ask one of our four certifiably-bad experts!)
* Daily Challenge (Spin the wheel and get inspired!)
* Sticker Sets (Accessorize your entries with funny and colorful illustrated stickers!)
When you're not being highly productive with this journal, you'll be wasting time with humor, friends and style!
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Dog Dreams

Released July, 2012 exclusively for iOS devices with iBooks. Available on iTunes.

Dog Dreams, an enhanced, illustrated children's picture e-book, is the brainchild of renown illustrator Michael Wertz. With vibrant colors and fun, graphic shapes, this book will appeal to kids and dog lovers of all ages!

Originally printed by hand as a limited edition board book, then commercially released as a traditional children's book by Gingko Press, this e-book version of Dog Dreams has been enhanced by Hard Boiled Industries with word-at-a-time highlighting read aloud by the author, delightful background music, and an educational video where you meet the author and learn how he wrote, illustrated, and printed the original board book.

Watch the making of Dog Dreams video produced by Hard Boiled Industries

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Pocket Stones: A World War II Childhood

e-Book released February, 2012. Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes.

Barbara-Ann Gamboa "Pooh" Lewis, daughter of a Filipino father and Irish mother, grew up in the Philippines. When she was seven years old Japan bombed Manila, pushing the Philippines into World War II. Pocket Stones in an autobiographical account of her childhood during the years of Japanese occupation and American liberation. Pooh's stores are made vivid by the whimsical drawings of Hard Boiled Industries' own resident illustrator, Barbara Pollak.

Hard Boiled Industries partnered with the author to re-design and publish her traditional chapter book across multiple e-book platforms. Pocket Stones was the recipient of the "Best Content" award in the 2012 Vook eBook Creation Contest.

In Production

Hard Boiled Industries is currently in production on two apps for iOS, Android, Nook and Kindle Fire.
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Bounce Party

Bounce Party is an arcade/action game for all ages, for iOS, Android, Nook, and Kindle Fire. Now in the latter stages of production it is scheduled to launch on iTunes App Store and Google Play Store in Summer 2013, and on other platforms soon after. Preview video coming soon.

Cross-platform Mobile App Development Showcase

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Project "Blythe"

Our secret project. In an early phase of development, we think it will be something completely different for tablet-based children's apps. Stay tuned for more information and sneak peeks during production.