Production Services

If you are a publisher and/or developer Hard Boiled Industries can augment your in-house production. You may need only a few icons or something as all-encompassing as art direction or remote team management. Perhaps you simply need to throw more bodies at a project to help get it over the finish line. HBI is available to provide production services on a contractor/freelance basis.

If you are an author or publisher with an existing manuscript we can provide complete production services to transform your property into an ebook. We can then publish to the Apple iBook, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble Nook storefronts. Or, we can provide you with epub and mobi files if you prefer to self-publish.

Our team's experience includes remote management of art teams in far-away lands, art direction, 3D and 2D art asset production, animation, web design, video production, ebook design and production, and print illustration.

Contact us to find out how we can best support your own product development.