Traditional book publishers and authors often have existing properties or ideas that they would like to develop for the new mobile/tablet market, but don't have the first idea how to get there. What steps are necessary to bring a picture book or game idea from concept all the way to App Store? How can traditional books be enhanced for tablet with new interactive elements (without breaking the bank)?

Check out our released projects for examples of partnerships gone right. From e-books like Pocket Stones and Dog Dreams, to full-blown, cross-platform apps like The Bad Girl's Journal, we've partnered with talented authors and illustrators to help bring their creations and ideas to life on digital devices.

Hard Boiled Industries has many years experience creating fun and engaging interactive games, as well as traditional children's picture and activity books. As mobile developers for our own products we know how to navigate the entire process, from setting up a production team to submitting an app for sale on the iTunes and Android app stores. Our expertise and experience can help transform your property into a new, viable product for mobile consumption.

Contact us to find out if partnering with us can bring your property into the light.